“Woozyhelmet merrily traipses along the fine line between abrasive punk rock nihilism and crumpled up mash note sweetness,” explains Greg Beets of the Austin Chronicle in his 2002 review of their self-titled album, which he says “perfectly encapsulates the venomous nature of unbalanced young love, but instead of getting drunk to forget, these songs hang around at the scene of the crime proffering cyclical analyses only a neurotic could love.” Since that time Woozyhelmet has grown up a bit, but continue to enthusiastically belt out rock and roll music for us all to dance and make out to.

Woozyhelmet has had the luxury of living inside the sweaty dreams of the Texas indie music scene since 1997, when the band spontaneously formed to play a house party the next week. They wrote 6 songs that week and did a cover of Beck’s “Satan Gave Me a Taco.” Somewhat to the band’s surprise, the show was a rousing, drunken success and they were inspired to continue exploring this strange new “rock and roll.”

Though they’ve learned to tune and play their instruments a little bit better in the eleven years since, they remain a house-party band at heart, approaching every stage and every show as a new living room to rock.

Following their first self-recorded, self-released album (1998’s “Zoom Welding”), their second, studio-recorded album (2002’s self-titled release) and a steady stream of EPs and CDRs (including ‘When Soda Pop was Good’ - 1999, ‘Wonton City’ - 2000, and ‘You Can’t Say Motherfucker Ever : The Radio Edits’ – 2005), the band now brings you their 2008 sound with the new album ‘Get Down.’ From mellow, melodic moments to screamingly loud freakouts , ‘Get Down’ presents the Woozyhelmet of today in all it’s exhiliratingly confused glory. Nationwide touring is set to follow the album’s September ’08 release - touring so far (in a van, a station wagon, or a Civic, depending on the year) has seen the band share the stage with a wide variety of folks, from Hang On the Box (the first all-girl punk band in China) to Half Japanese’s Jad Fair (who contributed an improvised onstage vocal to their instrumental anthem ‘You Fucked Up My Life You Crazy Bitch’). Future plans for the band include getting into trouble, taking notes, and writing songs about it. Onwrads!

About the Authors:

Jay is recording a solo album through a grant from the Anthony Foundation and works for a nonprofit called Houston Tomorrow.

Toto also plays in the Octopus Project and designs t-shirts & whatnot under the name Book of Ax.

Brandi also plays bass in the Sour Notes, and works as a profesional tattoo artist in Austin at Atomic.

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